Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We are Here to Learn from Our Children!

Today I was getting a manicure and pedicure (I know ... poor me) at a local shop and I got to chatting with the woman next to me. She asked me what I do for a living and the conversation went from there.

At one point in the conversation I heard myself say "We are Here to Learn from the Children. Children aren't here to Learn from Us." Pretty strong statement and in some situations probably not true but depending on the circumstance yes it's 100% true!

Look at children six years and under, they teach us so much:

PRESENCE - Watch a child PLAY or Create see how present they are. Enjoying everything they do fully and completely and then when they're done with it ... they're done ... aren't they! Not like us - everything we do, our minds are either in the past or in the future, children are definitely more in the NOW.

RESILIENCE - Children are much more resilient than we are! See a child fall and cry but in moments notice or with the easiest distraction, they can usually shake it off. As adults, we tend to hang onto whatever it is for hours or days (and sometimes even years) - don't we - as we can always bring it up again and again in one story or another. Children will simply forget and move on.

PRIDE - See a child dance in public or sing in a crowd or wear a funny outfit to school and yet be so proud or perhaps even oblivious ~ happy ~ content! Wouldn't it be lovely just to dance as if know one was watching and with out any care or to paint a picture and be happy to post it on the fridge or give it to someone without all the excuses as to why 'it's not good enough'

OBSERVERS - Children are quick learners! They are sponges for new information! Because of this we have to be really cautious that when it comes to learning ~ what are we teaching them? Are we inspiring them to stay PRESENT? Are we acknowledging their RE SILENCE and giving them the strength and courage to grow? Are we PROUD of ourselves and of our accomplishments and not fearful or shameful of others reactions or of the final result?

Lastly ... are we OBSERVING our children and letting them be our INSPIRATION ~ Are we learning from them ~ they have so much to teach us!

One funny little clip to end off this post. After my pedicure I came home and opened up my facebook page to find the following post from my friend Cam Hayduk of turtlebox productions (the fab friend who helped create all the videos for my website http://www.musicwithmarnie.com/) His son Sam (whom I absolutely adore) had a playdate over ... here's how their clever conversation went:

"Sam, do you know how they took out people's brains to make them a mummy?" Sam: "Yeah, with a big hook through their noses, isn't that cool?" ... Isobel: "Yeah. My mom told Lucy that if she keeps picking her nose, she'll pull out her brains."

Gotta LOVE it! Children are da' best! They are truly a constant inspiration for me! We can learn and grow so much just from being with them ~ and what a special place to BE!!!


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  1. ok- here it goes again! Love it! You are so lucky to be doing what you love amongst all these wonderful little ones. You must be learning lots!