Thursday, April 18, 2013

The More You Vote - the More Chances You have of Winning!

Any of you that have loved watching your child hop and stop to our well loved Kangaroo Song.  Please go online and vote.

One lucky family of 4 who votes will win a trip to Kids CBC Days in Toronto as VIP guests, and will get to see the Grand Prize winning song performed LIVE! (Fingers Crossed that it's the Music with Marnie Band :-) 

The more you vote the more chances you have of winning.

CBC will film the winning band and air the video on CBC.  This is fabulous exposure for Canadian Bands!

CBC has given about 60 fabulous Canadian Artists this great opportunity! I'm delighted that they are doing this.  The Music with Marnie Band has a lovely and devoted fan base in Canada that we are incredibly grateful for.  Winning this would give us that much more to be thankful for! 


 ~ Anyone can vote, friends, family members, grandparents etc. If you have children or grandchildren and want to try for the contest you can participate in it as well.

1. Go to:

2. Click on the play button under our band's photo & listen to the Kangaroo Song. (Please note that each time you visit the contest page, our song will have a different position.

3. Click on the Vote Button Under our Picture

4. Enter your email address

5. Immediately you will receive an email from CBC with your security code.

6. Type in Security Code and Click Submit

7. DONE - in less then 30 seconds! 

You can vote once a day, everyday until May 8th.  The more you vote, the more your name goes into the draw to win tix to Toronto!

Thank You for your votes!

Please tell your friends --- Let's get ALL of Canada doing the 'hop and hop and hop and hop and STOP'

THANKS Again & Good Luck!

You can vote until May 8th.